Lakshmi Murali

Shravani is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. She knows so much about so many different types of workouts. She had a good variety of exercises for me and went through each one with me, really being attentive and thoughtful. I’ve enjoyed the training so much and definitely recommend her!!.


I have been taking fitness sessions from Shravani for 6 months now. I started off with no much prior experience of workouts. So she had to start teaching from the beginning. She has always been very clear in her instructions and observant of what works best on me. There have been times when I would feel low that I need to focus on reducing weight or inches specifically but she has ensured that I focus on holistic improvement in terms of food, health, breathing, posture, sleep, stress and water intake. My experience with Shravani has been wonderful. Along with the improvement in metrics we were looking at, I feel so much better and confident about myself now.

Sowmya Nanguluri

I joined with FitRim for post-pregnancy fitness. Shravani is an amazing trainer with vast knowledge and she is a very professional trainer. She understands your body and designs sessions and suggests diet accordingly.FitRim motivates you workout everyday and also eat healthy. I have seen a positive change just within one month with FitRim. I definitely recommend FitRim .💪

Sravani Burela

I couldn’t attend my group fitness classes at work during Covid and was not motivated enough to workout on my own. This added to the stress and I started feeling depressed. That’s when I joined FitRim.
Shravani is an amazing personal trainer and helped me get back to my routine. She took time to understand my goals and injuries, based on which she designed a great workout plan. She also guides me with nutrition, encourages me to eat healthy. She is very knowledgeable and answers all my questions with tremendous patience. She keeps the sessions very interesting, introduces new exercises regularly, explains the exercises patiently. She has been a constant motivator and provides regular feedback on my progress. Personal training with Shravani made me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I started feeling more energized and happy again. Her passion to help others by sharing her knowledge through blogs, videos amazes me. I would highly recommend trying Shravani’s fitness classes.

Suseel Kumar

Top notch quality in personal training! I have been working out for many years at least an hour daily on walking, jogging, running, weights etc. But towards the end of it, I only used to get exhausted, hungry and weak. FitRim taught me how doing things the right way reduces unwanted exhaustion and body pains. The laziness that arises from strenuous exercises that we normally do, is not at all a possibility now. 15 minutes into the workout, i sweat out more than an hour of running back then and it’s purely refreshing when the entire body is cooled down during the stretching period of the FitRim session. The knowledge in both nutrition and exercising domains that I got from FitRim is tremendous. The very minute nuances of every part of the body is taken care. How to focus on all the impactful muscles while doing a particular stretch or workout is clearly taught. One gets a proper counselling and emotional support needed in their fitness journey. Proper nutrition that is required to eat healthy and stay fit is also suggested as part of the personal training.

Swathi Madabhushi

Shravani, you are an amazing person and the zeal in you to be a professional personal trainer by providing your honest suggestions and the way to make us do the exercises, diet is really really appreciable. I see you very strong, flexible and right to the point to achieve the person’s goal who trusts you and reach out to you for his/her own fitness. The most important thing I am impressed is that you know in and out of the purpose and functionality of what you are proposing us to go ahead , it may be the fitness exercises, diet, yoga Asanas, meditation, etc.

Shreya Singh

Shravani is a fantastic teacher with a calm personality. She is a perfectionist in what she knows and transfers that knowledge in her sessions. She explains each workout with all the do’s and don’ts also while doing those she gives directions clearly and precisely so that I don’t have to look up every time to check if I am doing the right thing. She is very observant and constantly keep checking if positioning is right. Her classes are truly for all levels and she customizes them not only on the basis of stamina level and goals but also with personality. The classes are stand alone, but if you attend regularly it is more of a course moving through different focuses which I like, increasing levels every week based on the current performance. I am very happy with my journey with her and love the change which I am seeing in myself

Satya Nibhanupudi

Thanks to @Shravani and #fitrim
Since Covid hit I wasn’t sure how to continue with fitness training and I started feeling demotivated, body aches etc. That’s when FitRim came to my rescue, I started taking personal fitness classes with her. Glad Shravani was patient and have been encouraging me, while I miss / get late to my classes. I like her passion to invest time, share her learnings in blogs, youtube channel, webinars etc..

Samhita Tallapragada

Since I began training and following workouts of FitRim, I have seen enormous changes in my body. I feel more energized, happy and focused. This training session has absolutely transformed the way I see my body and my approach to living a healthy lifestyle. FitRim has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to do workouts. In fact, I started feeling the changes right from the second week of this session. The other key component was how I was looking at my nutrition. I can honestly say that changes and advice from my trainer made such a difference. I am looking forward to continue with these workout sessions again.

Sangeetha Vajjhala

Sravani is an amazing trainer. She keeps expectations realistic and works towards building a sustainable workout regime. She understands the fitness goals of the clients and designs a program which is highly tailored. Sravani also explains the science behind each work out and ensures that clients make an informed choice. Overall very happy with the training and her guidance!

Sravani Perumalla

I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast. Dealing with anxiety and postpartum weight gain were my major complaints. Training sessions with Shravani not only helped me do what I love but also made me stronger, positive and more flexible.
Her sessions are motivating to push ourselves a bit every day. Her enthusiasm and knowledge that she shares during each session excites us to work even more 🙂

Sravanthi Dingari

I am glad that I decided to join FitRim. FitRim gives you that push you need to wake up and join every single class and the confidence that change is possible. The best thing I like about Shravani @FitRim is her attention to detail and never say never attitude. She starts from the basics and eases you into diverse set of workouts that feel challenging and yet fun.
She corrects each exercise till its perfect and then proceeds to tell you their variations. I started taking her sessions to feel active all through the day and increase my stamina and I am so happy that I did. Recommend this fully to beginners and experienced learners as well.

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