Personal Training Sessions

JUST make sure you attend all the exercise & consultation sessions scheduled for you & that’s it! Every part of your overall fitness is taken care!


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  2. Charges are negotiable in certain cases of compromised financial support.

All you need to know

WE GUIDE EVERY MOVE OF YOURS: You get the following right in our Personal Training sessions: technique instruction, posture alignment, progression, engagement & injury prevention of every exercise you do. One session can have anywhere from 1 up to 3 or 4 participants (based on different time zones / no. of days chosen per week). All the sessions are highly interactive.

Exercise Session Structure
Online sessions on Zoom, each session is a 1 hour live interactive session
We will be doing different exercise patterns once we work on your basic mobility.
1 – HIIT / Tabata / Circuit Training
2 – With (assistance / resistance) Equipment
3 – Yoga Flow Session
4 – Exploration Session for New Poses / Workouts / Variations

Personal Training @ FitRim = Exercise + a lot more! (Regular consultation calls included)
Don’t leave any loose ends w.r.t your health! Though exercise plays a major role, it isn’t just exercise that can keep you fit & happy. To let you know more about important life style factors (food / sleep habits, stress management, daily routine, hydration, etc.,) that can affect your overall health, we will be scheduling extra sessions solely for this purpose. All guidance is provided & all your queries are answered here.

What to do on other days of the week?
Recorded sessions (full 1 hour) are provided for every session. That means, you can use the recording to get your exercise done on other days of the week too. More tips will also be provided on how they can be used & what else can be done on remaining days of the week.

Let’s meet before you join!
Before you join, the trainer will have a 1:1 session with you to teach you basic posture elements & explain intricate details of the process and also to know your fitness level to be able to guide you properly 🙂

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