Fitness Consultation

1:1 Live Interactive Zoom Session

✔ Food Habits (Nutrition, Understanding Digestion, Mindful Eating & many more)
✔ Exercise Guidance & Posture Correction
✔ Sleep Habits (Factors affecting sleep, Quality Sleep Guidance)
✔ Stress Level Management
✔ Daily Routine Optimization
✔ Practicing Mindful Existence
✔ Simple & Effective Tips

  • Please note that the consultation session might take anywhere between 0.5hrs – 1.5hrs / 30mins – 90mins.
  • The consultation will be a voice or a (Zoom) video call based on the booking made.
  • Your time slot, payment & meeting details will be informed to you through call / mail, within 1 day of your booking.

What will you take away from this session

1) Answers to all your queries related to your fitness +
2) Detailed step-by-step process through which you can organically achieve your fitness goals & make it part of your daily life and very importantly, sustain it through out your life.
3) What do you do in your 24 hours? Let’s discuss! It’s not JUST exercise that can keep you fit. All the important lifestyle factors (that we often tend to overlook) explained in one fitness consultation session.
4) You don’t need quick fixes in life, especially for your body. What are the simple tips that you can follow in a day to achieve a healthy living?
5) What to expect in your weight loss journey & what not to expect?
6) What are the methods to achieve clean eating? How to eat clean & nutritious without ANY kind of stress?

7) What can I do to sleep better?
8) How to feel more energetic in a day & not feel tired soon?
9) Am I doing right in my fitness journey? How to begin to live a fit lifestyle?

10) How to approach fat loss the right way & not run behind calories / diets / fitness apps / etc., ?

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