How do FitRim Live Stream sessions work?

How to workout along with FitRim Live Stream sessions?

Once you register for FitRim Live Stream sessions, you will be given the Zoom Meeting details before the session begins. Once you join the zoom meeting, FitRim workout session for that day will be streamed. Follow the Workout session and finish your workout.

What does a FitRim Live Stream session look like?

1 hour session:
Each session is of 1 hour (6:15AM – 7:15AM IST) streamed every Mon, Wed & Fri. It starts with Warmup stretches, main workout section, followed by cool down stretches.

Different workout patterns:
You get to do different Workout patterns (HIIT, Circuit, Yoga Workout, Tabata & many other formats) on different days, following the trainer in the video stream. Also, the aim is to improve in all the components of fitness (cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, etc..)

All fitness levels:
Each workout is explained in different variations as per beginner, intermediate (or) advanced, so that you can follow the trainer & keep doing your choice of variation.

Right technique:
Each workout technique & posture is explained in much detail, so that you don’t injure yourself during the workout session.

Q & A Interaction with the Trainer:
Once the video streaming ends & your workout is done, the trainer comes ONLINE (the last 5-7 mins in the 1 hour session) and does a Q & A session. You can unmute and ask any doubts you had in the session. The trainer answers your questions and ends the meeting.

Missed your session? No worries! Access them later!

The Video Stream of sessions are scheduled Live every week on Mon, Wed & Friday, 6:15AM – 7:15AM IST. However, these video stream sessions can also be accessed through shared links.
So, if you miss to attend this session for any reason (late night work / woke up late/ fell sick/ etc.), the link to the streamed session will be shared to the participants who request for the same.
This link will remain accessible until 1 week from the session time. So, you can workout at your own comfortable time!

Join Live Stream on Zoom (Vs) Access shared link later?

You can as well access the video stream links (accessible for 1 week from the session time), in case you miss a session, but there are benefits to attending Live Stream sessions on Zoom instead of following the shared link of live stream:
a) You will be consistent with your timing & no. of days you are exercising in a week. This is very important for maintaining your body mobility & fitness levels.
b) Attending on zoom meeting & working out along with many other people will motivate you for sure!
c) You will not miss the Q&A session with the trainer.

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