#GrowBetter : Student & Employee Corporate Wellness

All you need to know

Idea Behind This Program:
Caution against faulty fitness practices & bring back this generation to the basics of holistic health.
Effective combination of Exercise + Lifestyle Correction Sessions

You get these right:
Technique, posture alignment, progression, engagement & injury prevention of every exercise you do.
You start to understand yourself & your body weight management much better.

Exercise Session Structure
1 Hour Sessions with 1:1 attention
Different Exercise Patterns:
* Yoga Flow Sequence
* HIIT / Tabata / Circuit Training
* New Workout / Pose Explorations
* Stretching Sessions

Lifestyle Correction / Wellness Sessions:
Though exercise plays a major role, just doing that cannot keep you fit. Regular sessions are scheduled solely to make you understand how different lifestyle factors work in sync to protect you.
* Food & Sleep Habits
* Stress Level Management
* Daily Routine Optimization
* Mindful Existence
* Simple & Effective Tips

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