Group Workout Sessions

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Just 900/- per month!

All you need to know

We train in groups. The group size is not limited & can vary each month. The trainer takes LIVE sessions on Zoom. For each pose / exercise done in the session, the technique, posture alignment, engagement & any modifications are explained clearly by the trainer as a general guidance for all the participants in the group.

PS: You can check if you are instead looking for Personal Training Exercise Sessions which provide 1:1 guidance, feedback & work-arounds.

Session Structure
– Online Group sessions on Zoom
1 hour a day, 3 days every week
– We will be doing different exercise patterns on each day of the week.
1 – HIIT / Tabata / Circuit Training
2 – Yoga Session
3 – Exploration Session for New Poses / Workouts / Variations

It isn’t just exercise!
Don’t leave any loose ends w.r.t your health! Though exercise plays a major role, it isn’t just exercise that can keep you happy & fit all your life. To let you know more about important life style factors, we have 1 session per month (included) where you can also ask any queries you have w.r.t general fitness & health.

More Variety as a Bonus!
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