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Starting from OCTOBER 10th 2022 : Checkout basic details of the program below:

The workout/exercise sessions are 4 days / week & are Live guided sessions by the trainer on Zoom. We focus on:
1) Body Posture & Alignment
2) Understanding Body Mechanics
3) Mind-Muscle Engagement
4) Proper Exercise Techniques
5) Yoga Sequences & Body Weight Workouts

We will also be having a group interaction session once a month to educate regarding different LIFESTYLE FACTORS apart from exercise including:
1) Food Habits (nutrition, understanding digestion, meal gaps, mindful eating & many other elements)
2) Sleep Habits (what factors affect your sleep & how to safeguard sleep as per your personal schedule)
3) Stress Level Management
4) Practicing “Mindful Existence”
5) Optimizing one’s Daily Routine to take care of their health without getting overwhelmed

Timings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (MTTF) 6:15AM IST

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