Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join ANY time during a month?

Yes, you can join ANY day in a month. YOUR month starts when YOU join us!

What all are included in a workout session?

Checkout This has complete details!

Which level of workouts will be done in the sessions? Can I join if I am a beginner?

All the workouts will be explained keeping in mind all the three fitness levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced) while you are performing them. So, for any fitness level, you should be able to pull off the session.

When do the sessions start?

The sessions start from Feb 22nd 2021. But, you can join ANY day ANY time to start YOUR monthly sessions! To avail the offer (this is a lifetime offer that applies on all your months you train with us, not only on current month), you need to BOOK NOW!

Can we ask any questions in the session to be clarified?

Yes, once the Live Streaming of FitRim workout for that day ends, the trainer comes Online for the last 5-7 mins of the session. You can unmute yourself then and ask your questions. The trainer will be clarifying them.

Can I turn off my camera for these sessions (or) is it mandatory to keep it on?

Turning on the camera is not compulsory as 1:1 personal guidance (like in FitRim Personal Training sessions) is not the complete scope of these sessions. You can get all the instructions about the right technique and guidelines on how to perform the workouts, from the trainer in the video stream. So, you can follow them & workout, even without turning your camera on.

Is the payment based on per month (or) per number of sessions?

For example, you pay the money & join on 12th March, your month ends on 12th April & the new month starts on 13th April. All the Mon/Wed/Fri days that come in between the start & end dates in a month will be the session days. This applies to all the months irrespective of the number of days in a month. We like to keep it simple for you šŸ™‚

Will there be a forum to get the links of zoom meetings & any other updates?

Yes, you will be added to a group on either WhatsApp / Facebook so that all the updates on the sessions can be delivered to all of you in time šŸ™‚

Will there be any cancellation of sessions in a month?

Ideally NO. If any session gets cancelled for any unforeseen reasons, an additional session will be conducted after your month ends & before your new month begins.

If I have particular concerns regarding my health (joint pains, back strain, cardio etc..), can I join these sessions?

If you think you need personal attention for your workouts, please checkout Personal Training @ FitRim at . If you still have more questions, reach out to us @

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