Corporate Fitness Programs

We are happy to extend the following services to Corporate Fitness Programs

Fitness Training (Exercise / Yoga Sessions)

Fitness of your employees is directly related to their productivity at work. We all know fitness should be our daily cup of tea. As per science, just like we eat, sleep, drink water, play, etc., we need to exercise our body daily. We are happy to conduct regular exercise sessions (including Yoga & other different forms of physical exercise) for your employees. By this, we make sure they are staying fit enough on a regular basis.

1:1 Fitness Consultations

What are the important Lifestyle Factors that hugely impact your health? Though exercise plays a vital role in safeguarding your health, it definitely isn’t JUST exercise that keeps you fit. Knowing this, you will never chase “Fat Loss” ever again. Because, after the consultation, you will know how to make fat loss just a natural by-product of your healthy lifestyle.
We will be available for the employees of your organization, whenever they need a fitness consultation, to take a step towards a fit lifestyle / to solve the hurdles they might be facing in achieving a fit lifestyle.


In these workshops, we discuss topics related to health & fitness. (Ex: Lifestyle factors, Importance of mental health, Working on some basic exercise postures, etc.,) Workshops are interactive sessions, where the topic is explained/discussed first & then any possible difficulties faced (by any of the participants) in implementing the concepts explained, are discussed & sorted out. Checkout some of our past workshops here:

Women Oriented Programs

Though times are changing, it is still the fact that women often tend to ignore their health & fitness, more than their partners. So, organizing women specific sessions will motivate them to take care of their health & remind them that their health is important too.
Ex: Exercise sessions, Post-delivery fitness, Specific lifestyle changes, Mental health etc.,

Kids Fitness Programs

Family is everything to any employee. Showing ways to take care of their kids’ health will be a great gesture by your organization. Kids-specific events include educating them about physical exercise & it’s benefits, educating parents & kids on how to maintain clean food habits & other important health factors that can be taken care in daily routine.

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