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Meet the founder

Shravani Dingari,
Certified Fitness Professional,
Founder of FitRim Ageless,
Double Graduate from BITS-Pilani,
Professional Experience since 2013

Fitness is OUR passion, your health and the need of the hour!


We started with the aim to make people understand fitness in it’s true sense.

We Practice & Preach: Listening to your body, understanding your mind and body mechanics in your exercise sessions and infact all through the day is what is important & not the numbers on the weighing scale / the calories in your plate!

Our Main Goal: To equip you with all the knowledge & practice required to stay fit as you age and enjoy your fitness journey without any stress. Especially, we want you to carry forward this knowledge to your families and many more generations 😊

Focus & Attention: As making you understand your body is impossible in large group sessions, we have always stuck to Personal Training. You will get your technique, posture alignment, engagement & progression right! Mindful eating & mindful existence will become your lifestyle👍

Have you stepped back because you couldn’t afford Personal Training and missing proper feedback & guidance in large group sessions ? Here’s the good news!

We have come up with affordable Personal Training at FitRim @ different pricing levels. Now, choose your comfortable price and don’t miss being personally trained & learn a lot of things about your body & mind!

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Our goal is to create a Fit and Healthy world to live in!

Come along with us at FitRim for being Fit and Ageless 😊

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