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Fitness is OUR passion, your health and the need of the hour!

Hello! We at FitRim love Fitness! This is our ultimate Passion!
Our goal is to create a Fit and Healthy world to live in!

Why struggle to earn money when you do not have the health to enjoy the luxuries? Why live a short life without being able to live a longer life with your loved ones?
Every one of us has the right to live life to the fullest and FitRim provides this opportunity! Our Mission is to support you and guide you in your fitness journey with workouts that inspire you to work more and live more!


Following are the words from the Founder herself!!

I have been passionate about health, various kinds of exercises and workouts from the time I knew myself. I graduated from BITS Pilani as an Electronics Engineer, Worked as an Embedded Senior System Software Engineer for 6 years and then my passion for fitness hit me hard one day. And then I pursued studies in Fitness and Nutrition and started training people who are in search of a Fit Lifestyle..! Thus FitRim took its shape! Today, we are very happy that FitRim is on its continuous journey to build Fitter People and Fitter Communities 😎😎

Come along with us at FitRim for being Fit and Ageless 😊

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