360Focus Group Wellness

Live Interactive Zoom Sessions :

✔ 1 Hour sessions, 3 days a week every month
✔ Perfect combination of Well Programmed Workout Sessions + Wellness Hours
✔ 360Focus on all lifestyle factors (food, exercise, sleep, stress, daily routine & many more)
✔ Bodyweight workouts, yoga flow sequences, HIIT, stretching sessions & more

Focus Areas in Workout Sessions :

✔ Body Mechanics & True Essence of Movement
✔ Mind-Muscle Engagement
✔ Body Posture & Alignment
✔ Yoga Sequence Flow
✔ Body Weight Workouts
✔ Proper Exercise Techniques
✔ Progression to Avoid Injuries

Focus Areas in Wellness Hours :

✔ Food Habits (Nutrition, Understanding Digestion, Mindful Eating & more)
✔ Sleep Habits (Factors affecting sleep, Quality Sleep Guidance)
✔ Stress Level Management
✔ Daily Routine Optimization
✔ Practicing Mindful Existence
✔ Simple & Effective Tips

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