FitRim’s #360Focus

24 Weeks Training

  1. This is SO much in SO less. In this 24 week program (~6 months), the money you spend per month is highly economical for the amount of knowledge you gain in this training.
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All you need to know:

Workout Sessions
(1 Hour Live Interactive Zoom Sessions : 4 days a week!)

✔ 1-to-1 Guidance & Attention
✔ Proper Exercise Techniques
✔ Mind-Muscle Engagement
✔ Body Posture & Alignment
✔ Yoga Sequence Flow
✔ Body Weight Workouts
✔ Body Mechanics & True Essence of Movement
✔ Progression to Avoid Injuries

Wellness Hours
(Live Interactive Zoom Sessions : Twice a month!)

✔ Food Habits (Nutrition, Understanding Digestion, Mindful Eating & many more)
✔ Sleep Habits (Factors affecting sleep, Quality Sleep Guidance)
✔ Stress Level Management
✔ Daily Routine Optimization
✔ Practicing Mindful Existence
✔ Simple & Effective Tips

What is expected from you?

Everyone’s journey to understand their mind & body better is a highly personal experience. FitRim is here to provide you with all tools required to do the same. But, at the end of the day, it is YOU who should be determined enough to travel with us with patience & religiously believe in what you are doing & most importantly, be consistent 🙂 Just be regular to all the sessions & be worry-free 🙂

Let’s meet before you join!

Before you join, the trainer will have a 1:1 session with you to explain intricate details of the process and also to know your fitness level to be able to guide you properly.

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