Workout Your Core & Legs With Cardio!

Are you fond of cardio workouts? If so, let’s see how to strengthen your legs & core along with cardiovascular conditioning.

One thing I always mention repeatedly in my personal training sessions is that, cardio workouts are effective core workouts too! You are in fact pounding your whole body weight against gravity and then trying to stabilize your body in this process, while performing the cardio movement!! This is not an easy job for your core as your core is the one used (or should be used consciously) to stabilize your body. Hence, all cardio workouts are effective core workouts too. And, it is obviously a bonus core workout when you mix cardio movements with core workouts.

Coming to leg workout, we are already aware how much of our leg strength is used in cardio workouts & that is the reason, we generally do not keep leg days and cardio days consecutively. On top of that, if we can combine proper leg workouts with cardio movements, then it is a bonus leg workout too!

Checkout the Fit Bits video below to check all these workouts! Hope it helps you all!

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