Healthy Recipes: Peanut Oat Chiwda

All of us fall prey to hunger cravings in the evenings and we often tend to eat fried or sugary snacks. Let us look at one of the healthy snack recipes with nutritious peanuts and oats!

As we all know, peanuts is a very quick and easy protein source to add in our meals. Of course, they are also filled with many valuable vitamins & minerals too. Also, most of the fats in peanuts come under unsaturated fats, which are good for health.
Coming to oats, the benefits are innumerable and this is the best whole grain which we can include in our daily diet. Checkout one of the
FitRim videos to know more benefits of oats!

Ingredients needed to make Peanut Oat Chiwda:
Roasted Chana Dal
Jaggery Powder
Black Pepper Powder

Checkout below video for the complete recipe:

1) Add some peanuts to a pan and let them roast for few minutes.
2) Once the peanuts are almost roasted, add some roasted chana dal and let them roast for few more minutes.
3) Now, add some oats to the mixture and roast for couple of minutes.
4) Add some jaggery powder. You can add some jaggery pieces directly instead of powder to bind more, if you want the consistency of a peanut chikki that you buy from outside.
5) All the ingredients will start to stick to each other due to jaggery. You can turn off the burner now.
6) Add some salt and pepper to taste and mix the whole ingredients well. Of course, you can avoid salt & pepper, if you just want a sweet taste.
7) And…the healthiest chiwda is ready to serve!


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