High Knees: How To & Workout Dissection

Thinking to do Cardio today? I can say one workout which is scheduled as part of your workout session. That is High Knees, for sure! How can anyone not include this effective cardio movement!? Let us look into how to perform High Knees the right way to get the most out of it.

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart. Keep your spine straight and core tight before beginning to do the workout.

Now, if you are a beginner, try to first get comfortable with walking High Knees before attempting jumping High Knees. For this, raise one knee at a time towards your upper body and make a similar movement with the opposite hand simultaneously. Then, put both the knee and the hand down, and repeat the same with the other leg. Make sure to keep your chin up while performing this.

Once you are comfortable with this movement, you can add jump to it to perform the actual High Knees. Try to bring your knees up as high in the air as you can. You need to consciously engage your hip flexors to do this. Keep in mind, that you need to be on the balls of your feet all through. Also, keep your upper body erect through out and at any point you should not be rounding your back.
Try to target your knee height to a minimum of hip height & go as high from there as possible without hurting your hip flexors.

As this can be considered as an intense cardio movement, you need to keep breathing consciously to make it effective. If you find difficulty in keeping up with the speed, inhale with nose and exhale with mouth while performing High Knees.

This is the workout which works on strength and endurance of your legs. The lower body muscles strengthened include calves, quadriceps and gluteal muscles. This is a great movement for you glutes in specific too, if you do it with the right technique. This effective cardio movement strengthens your heart and lungs! Doing High Knees also secretly improves your hamstring flexibility.
High knees is considered one of the best fat loss workouts. Not only that, during this workout, core muscles act as stabilizing muscles. You can even target your belly fat by engaging your core to the maximum.

Tip 1: Along with legs, simultaneous hand movement is the best form of High Knees, as this engages upper body muscles as well.
Tip 2: Remember that, you can go as fast as you can and jump as high as you can, but this should be done ONLY with good form! Else, please do at your own pace with the correct posture.

You can have a look at the video for more clear understanding.

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