15 Tips To Make Workout Fun!

Hello! Today let us talk about how to make your workout Motivating, Interesting and especially Fun! None of us can deny that, we do have days when we don’t want to workout. Often, this is not because we can’t workout, this is just because we are too lazy to workout (or) too unmotivated to go to the workout place and this affects your consistency!

Let us look at 15 important tips to make your workout interesting, motivating & fun too!
PS: These are from true experiences of people!

1. Figure Out Your REASON To Workout!
First and foremost, you need to sit down, analyze and figure out why do you want to exercise. Is it just because others do it? (No!) (or) Is it because you want to lose weight so that you can run around easily and play with your children? (or) Is it because you can do your daily works with much more ease than usual? etc., Just be cautious that this answer should be really true and genuine! Once you figure out the reason, keep reminding yourself the reason why you started and use this as a drive to push yourself to workout!

2. Treat It Like A HABIT!
How do you cultivate a habit after knowing “why” do you want to cultivate it? There is only one way to do this that I figured out in all these years! Act like someone who has been living with this habit from years. In this case, you need to behave like someone who is already used to doing workout daily. It’s funny, but it works! Do it religiously and regularly, and in less than one month you will get used to this pattern!

3. Do The Workout You ENJOY!
There are different kinds of workouts out there! You should be able to enjoy the exercises or workout patterns you choose. Though, for some cases, it is true that different kinds of workouts serve different purposes aptly, it might not be the only way to achieve your goal! Until the time you get used to working out in first place, choose the workout you enjoy when you first start out. For example, don’t lift weights just because your cool friend does it. Choose your kind of workout that you enjoy doing. Ultimately, if you don’t enjoy the workout, you cannot be consistent!

4. Don’t Rush! Start SMALL!
If you are used to doing your workouts daily, rushing ahead with the intensity and leveling up way ahead your threshold might even lead you to give up one day! So, beware! And, most importantly, if you are a beginner, please don’t go for advanced workouts in your very first week! I know you are all excited and passionate, but please start small! Choose the intensity with which you can be consistent and progress from there slowly. Else, your body gives up for sure after a few weeks. When your body gives up, psychologically you tend to not enjoy the workout and eventually stop it out of frustration.

5. Try To Stick To ONE TIME Of The Day!
It is true that working out any time of the day is fine until you make sure you workout with consistency. But, it has often been proven that sticking to one time of the day produces the best, both mentally and physically. This seems to be the best way to create a habit and stick on to it.
Also, most of your meal timings often depend on your workout timings, as you cannot workout just after having your meal. This way, if you schedule your workout the same time of the day everyday, you can eat proper meals too.

6. Workout With FRIENDS!
If you are happy working out alone at your own pace and in your own pattern, then well and good! But, if you don’t feel like working out all by yourself, then go ahead and choose an exercise buddy to workout along with you! This way, you will also be committed to the workout session, as you can’t leave your friend alone to workout! But, please make sure you don’t compromise on your workout (w.r.t either pattern or pace or the kind of workout etc.,) as per the other person’s interests. This will end you up in not enjoying what you do! This again is an issue.
In a similar fashion, you can also choose to workout with a group of friends if you like that kind of energy around you. Ultimately, you should be happy when you workout!

7. Be READY For The Workout!
This works most of the time. You can try keeping everything ready the night before itself. That is, the things you need for a workout. For example, you keep your water bottle, exercise mat, shoes, towel, etc., ready at the place where you workout (if working out at home or at door step if you are going out), so that you get reminded of your workout schedule for that day every time you pass by that place and you tend to finish off your workout as planned. Simple trick!

8. Take A BREAK!
It happens to everyone of us, that we sometimes feel lethargic and the last thing you want to do is working out! It’s completely okay to take a break of one or two days when you need to. It might be your body, signalling that it needs a break! In such cases, instead of pushing yourself into it, give it some rest. But, if you are perfectly alright and if it’s just pure laziness, then please! Get off the couch and workout!

9. Set Up Good MUSIC!
Good music helps a lot of people to get that momentum to workout! In fact, it is seen that very less people workout without music. However, some might feel it as distracting during their workouts as well! So, it’s your choice completely. If you try it out and it works for you, then that’s the best thing you can follow! Choose the music that you love! It need not be the heavy beat workout music that’s available online all over. It can also be the sweet melodies you love! Anything which you love will suit your workout!
Some do weights with melodies! Yes! So what? It works for them that way!

10. Don’t Target The Same MUSCLE GROUP Each Day!
People often tend to target that same muscle everyday which they want to build/tone. But, this is not the right way to do it. You are actually exhausting the muscle group fibers instead of building or toning them. Make sure to give the muscles some rest in between, when you can switch to other group of muscles. Moreover, if you don’t have goals towards a particular group of muscles, then do a total body rotation which is fun and also interesting with very less chances of getting bored!

11. Don’t MEASURE Your Goals Daily!
Measuring your goals more frequently than required, might be motivating for some and demotivating for some. The latter stands true for most of them. Please do not get onto your weighing scale daily. It is not required for sure and will only build up unwanted stress in your mind. As per the training experiences we have had, any small healthy change takes at least 4-6 weeks to happen! So, why measure them daily? Focus on the feel-good satisfaction you get after you workout. Workout because you feel relaxed and also energetic at the same time! Do checkout the article https://fit-trim.com/2019/11/04/give-your-body-its-due-time/ which speaks for your body! Focus on the fun and not the results. Because, results automatically come when you are the least stressed!

12. Trust Me! It Gets EASIER As You Workout!
Remember that and keep reminding yourself through out your initial struggle to get accustomed to working out, that it gets easier as you do your workouts consistently. Your body adapts to what you do on a regular basis and you will feel really comfortable in the days to come. Uh uh, but you can’t do something that is comfortable for long period of time. It is the discomfort your body faces that helps you grow! So, when you feel really comfortable at an intensity, level it up.

13. Try To Add VARIETY To Your Workout!
Variety adds color and excitement to any work you do! This applies to your workout too. Many of us can’t keep doing weights and cardio all through the month and still be excited about it. Sometimes, switching to a different variety of workout will give you that boost to go for it and enjoy it. Try yoga on a day when you don’t like to do your daily workout. If you are a yoga person, then try doing HIIT on a day you feel uninterested. Just add variety and you will enjoy!

14. Ignore Negativity & Stay POSITIVE!
Staying positive is the one that keeps you driving in your life and is the secret of success for many! How is your workout different? When you want to make your workout journey a success, avoid being around negative people! Try to think and stay positive. Do not let the surrounding negative thoughts from people around you get to you. Uh! It’s not at all an easy task! But, you need to find a way to completely ignore the negative aspects as they are anyway no good to you! Hang out more with the people who instill positive vibes in you. Try to read positive motivational quotes whenever you feel low in this aspect.

15. Plan your JOURNEY to your workout place!
This seems quite a low-priority thing. But, trust me, lot of times we end up in traffic while travelling to the workout place, be it gym or any fitness studio and by the time we reach there, we are already drained physically and mentally! Either plan your journey during traffic free times (or) be ready mentally, that you are going to workout to your full potential no matter what is your state, by the time you reach your gym. Of course, if you workout at home, then you are the lucky one in this aspect!

Hope these tips help you in your workout journey. Follow these tips and workout and have fun!


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