Mountain Climbers: How To & Workout Dissection

If you are looking for a total body workout which helps you to strengthen your major muscles and can also give you a cardio effect, then here it is! Go for Mountain Climbers! This is a very efficient total body workout!

Start with a perfect plank position!

Like for any workout, your core plays a very important role. Keep your core really tight and make sure to not lose it at any point during the workout. Without this, you cannot use it as a perfect core workout!
Another important point to keep in mind is the height of your glutes while performing the workout. Maintain your glutes at the perfect plank height. Do not drop or raise them at any point.

There are few things you can stress upon in the same workout. You can add a slight pause when the knee comes towards the chest. This crushes your core even more. There’s one more simple thing you can keep in mind, which can act as a secret helper too here! This is to spread the fingers of your palm as wide as possible to get more base for the workout.

While performing Mountain Climbers, make sure to place the wrists below the shoulders to engage shoulder muscles the right way. Maintaining a straight spine through out the workout is equally important.

Let us look at the major muscles involved when performing Mountain Climbers.
Upper Body muscles involved:
– Triceps engage to work isometrically to keep you in place
– Shoulders & Chest for upper body support
Lower Body muscles involved:
– Quadriceps, Calf muscles, Hamstrings & Glutes

For strengthening purpose, performing Mountain Climbers at a low to medium speed is suggested. However, if you can speed up while keeping the core tight and maintaining correct posture, then go for it, increase your speed and enjoy the cardio blast!

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