Cracking Sounds @ Joints?

While performing your daily activities (or) sometimes during your exercise sessions, do you feel cracking sounds popping out from your joints? Sometimes in knees, sometimes in the back and my god, many times in the neck and also in the knuckles!! If you often feel worried regarding these weird sounds from your body, then go on and keep reading.

There are three different situations where the joint cracking sounds occur.

One, when we intentionally crack our joints, like we keep on cracking our knuckles all day!
Two, when the sounds come without our knowledge when performing day-to-day activities (or) sometimes while working out and when this is completely normal and no risk to your joints in any which way.
Three, when these sounds come out of joints and the bones forming the joint are actually at some risk and need medical attention!

In cases one & two, where the cracking sounds in joints occur knowingly or unknowingly, the risk is zero as the phenomenon is completely normal. As per the research done by various physiology departments till now, the major culprit here is the Synovial Fluid. This is the fluid which keeps your joints lubricated and easy to move. The type of joints in our body, with maximum mobility have this fluid in the joint capsule and are called Synovial Joints.
Like any other fluid in the body, Synovial Fluid too has few gases like N2, CO2, O2, etc., floating inside it. When we stretch near the joints, the ligament (which holds one bone to another) stretches and as a result the joint cavity between the bones increases. Due to this, Synovial Fluid now has more space to flow in and due to this the pressure inside the fluid is reduced. This causes the gas bubbles to burst and hence you listen to this bubble burst sound as a cracking sound near the joints.

Now, in the third case, where you hear these sounds for a different reason, you need to be a little careful. In the first two cases, it is totally fine to hear these sounds as you do not find any pain / redness / inflammation near the joint when this happens. Whereas, in the third case you can feel one or all of these at the concerned joint. This can happen when the cartilage gets roughened up or starts to wear off. Cartilage is the smooth tissue that acts like a padding to cover the bone endings. When this degenerates, the joint bones slightly start to touch each other due to which the cracking sound might occur. In such cases, you very well know what to do! Meet your doctor, get any treatment that is required and above all of that, put good minerals into your food and do some physical activity to increase your bone density.

In case one, where we often intentionally stretch the joints in a way that they pop up with a cracking sound, did you ever wonder why we do that? Because, we feel good and relieved after that cracking sound. This is because the gas molecules pressure is released and now the Synovial Fluid flows in your joint more freely than before. But, buddy, do not make it a serious habit or sometimes addiction to keep on cracking your knuckles or neck joints or wrists or back etc., Because, this might lead to over stretching of the ligament and might become so loose that it is no more capable of holding the bones in the way they are supposed to be held. This again might lead to touching of bones and can cause pain and inflammation! So, unless you hear these sounds with pain / redness / swelling accompanied with it, there is nothing at all to worry! Chill!


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