Sedentary Death Syndrome! What is it?

You know what? Just look outside the window and I am sure you will know the time is passing!

You get up in the morning, get ready, sit and eat your breakfast, sit and drive your car to your work place, then sit and work in your office, then sit and return in your car, sit and watch TV at home, again sit and have your dinner and then you go to sleep. Hey, no wonder you can just pull off your day by just sitting 70-80% of the day, though, I hope you are not just doing this all day! Unfortunately this was never the lifestyle of humans, as we humans are used to moving continuously in the process of work and in search of food and we did sit very little.

In simple words, your piece of hardware is not meant to sit all day. Your genes are evolved to function to support your body movements. They can survive only when you keep them doing their designated work, else they won’t support you to move as you get older. Our life style has become almost sedentary for most of us due to the kind of work we do. Research says that the risk of mortality from various causes is increased by 50% with sedentary life style. OMG! now, that’s a thing then! Hence, Professor Frank W. Booth (Image Beside) coined the term “Sedentary Death Syndrome” to highlight the powerful effects of sedentary life style on various causes of death.

You know what? There are at least 35 known health issues that are detected as caused/exaggerated by Sedentary Lifestyle. This does not mean you have to keep moving all day. Very simple and subtle changes in your daily activities will make a lot of difference in your life.
[1] Take stairs instead of escalator or lift. Very cliched advice, but are you really following it in all the hurry?
[2] Go walk and talk to your colleague instead of calling or emailing them
[3] Take breaks in the middle of your work timings and go walk around. Setup a reminder for this (like you do for the meetings), and follow it religiously! This will happen inevitably in work places where you have to take a long walk to go to snacks area or cafeteria from the cubicles. This is one good thing that I see in big workplaces these days!
[4] Play outdoor sports (small or big) during the day when possible
[5] Now, this is fun for the partner who stays with you 🙂 Do some household chores that require some physical activity like car wash, gardening, cleaning up shelves, etc.,
[6] One more simple upgrade that is being seen these days at most of the work places is Standing Desks. The irony is we appreciate the idea, but we don’t use it. Let me give you some information that might motivate you to use these! In a 1953 London research, it was seen that London bus drivers were diagnosed with greater risk of coronary heart disease than the bus conductors. There you go!

Now what is the cure to this Syndrome? Exercising one hour daily? No. Regular exercise routine definitely is the best decision you can take ever for your life and it also compensates your sedentary life style, but only to a very small percentage. If you exercise for that one hour and keep sitting all the remaining day, then it doesn’t work like that, for sure. Why? Because, every inch of your body is waiting all day for you to move!
[1] Our blood depends on us to move to be able to circulate properly.
[2] Our Nerves have always been known to benefit from movement.
[3] Our Skin texture is elastic in itself and it follows our motion.
[4] Lipoprotein Lipase is an enzyme in the walls of blood capillaries in muscles and in adipose (fat) tissues. This majorly breaks down the triglycerides present in the blood. Now this enzyme almost is deactivated temporarily when when you don’t move! This is the so obvious reason for putting on fat when you sit, sit and sit.

[5] Some body areas are continuously compressed in the process of continuous sitting. The nerves, arteries and veins in that area can start to get blocked. This limits signalling strength of the nerves and this is the reason you feel numb sometimes as this limits blood flow in those areas (mostly limbs) and might also swell sometimes.

This is where the whole scenario of 10,000 steps a day came into picture and people are going crazy over this. This is really a good start for sure, but you should still go ahead of this to stay active all day. Sports & Exercise Physiology Departments of various Universities have declared regular physical activity as an important preventive measure against chronic diseases. The first obvious effect of inactivity is caloric imbalance. That is, you burn less than you eat. Now, this caloric imbalance leads to obesity which gives rise to insulin resistance. This then leads to unending diabetic and cardiovascular ailments.

Let us think of few daily activities which might seem like huge tasks to you if you continue to have a sedentary lifestyle:
-> You might have to take stairs sometimes due to power cut or say there is an unfortunate fire accident in the building you are in, and you obviously take stairs then in first place. Then you will realize you end up very heavy on breathing, that is, your heart rate crosses the maximum rate that your heart can handle. This happens as your RHR (Resting Heart Rate) is only high and upon taking stairs it goes up even more. So, exercising to condition your cardiovascular health and trying to achieve low Resting Heart Rates will help you in such situations. Else, it’s the heart attack that might harm you and not the fire in the building!
-> Similarly a very basic activity like going to the grocery shop to get groceries might feel like a big task to you if you do not start making your lifestyle more physically active.

Prolonged sitting also gives rise to higher risk of depression, research says it’s 50% higher!
Serotonin neurotransmitter that transmits the message to your brain to feel happy for some reason need serotonin receptors to do this. Anti-depressants boost serotonin supply and the reason they (or in fact any other drug) work is because your body has receptors for those drugs Ever wondered why does your body has receptors for those drugs? Because, it can make that in-house too! So, you need to find out a way to make them inside your body instead of providing it from outside through medicines as they have long lasting side effects. And, this way is coming out of Sedentary Lifestyle and keep your body moving!
———————- Do not forget that your body is a natural pharmacy and you can checkout more details in this particular regard @ ————————-

You know what’s the best part of bewaring from Sedentary Death Syndrome? You can actually save loads of money that goes into the diagnosis and treatment of various health issues that are either triggered or aggravated due to Sedentary Lifestyle.


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