Depressed? Go For This Best Anti-Depressant!

Feeling low for some reason? Have you been a victim of depression or anxiety? Then, this FitRim article is for you and can do wonders in setting everything right!

We all know the great saying by Hippocrates: “Let Food Be Your Medicine & Medicine Your Food”! Why get into the trap of medicines when you can eat your natural medicine, that is, food the right way! The same saying applies to Food’s partner, Exercise too. Let Exercise be your Medicine & Medicine your Exercise! Now, I say take these two wonderful magical medicines daily, as if prescribed by your doctor, and you don’t have to look back ever in life!

No medicine can protect you from getting weak as you age & end up in nursing home! It is awesome that only exercise can do that & you have full control of what you get your body to do! How wonderful it is to have a weapon in your hands to keep yourself strong even as you age. What could be a better medicine than this!?

Now, you must be wondering when I would come to the point of discussion, Depression or Anxiety! But, dear, these two “mental health disorders”, as they are categorized, will never see you when you take the best medicines ever (food & exercise) the right way! Earlier, when someone said “I am feeling low”, then the immediate remedy suggested was to “Go, take a walk!”. Why? Because any physical activity improves your mood straight away! How?
1) Cortisol hormone is the product of chronic stress. This hormone promotes depression & dementia. Exercise combats its effects and thus promotes stress resistance!
2) Excess Glucose has an effect on brain’s functional ability and can lead to a shrinking brain size! Same with free radicals, which are harmful for your body. Exercise supports neurons against excess glucose and free radicals and tries to restore normal functionality. Yes, really! What a wonder is exercise!
3) Exercise promotes emotional well being by increasing neurotransmitters, neurotrophins & connectivity. It plays a major role in hormones that are responsible for our happy mood, for example, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins.
4) Hippocampus, which is a key region in your cerebral cortex, has major effects on your emotions, learning skills, memory, motivation levels etc., Anxiety & Depression are proven to result in atrophy (decrease in size) of hippocampus. Now, the “big news” is, exercise increases the size of hippocampus (grows new neurons with exercise) and goes against the effects of anxiety & depression! What could be the best medicine now!?

The above image shows how brain activity is improved quite noticeably after just a 20 minute walk! Now, this is what I mean when I say “Exercise contributes as much to Mental Health as it does to Physical Health”.
Think once! No chemicals, no side-effects and yet the best anti-depressant! Doctors should “prescribe” exercise & healthy food to all the people who are the victims to these disorders, of course, along with any actual medicines that are inevitable based on the level of disorder. But, if you are just starting to feel low or disturbed, try out these two wonderful medicines and you should be already on your path to cure!


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