How to Keep Up When Not Working Out?

Not working out these days? I am sure you must be having a solid reason for not working out :’D Yes, such times come where you want to exercise badly and feel that high energy pumping up in your body, but you cannot! It might be a medical condition or at times the situation is not in sync with what you want. What to do now? How to maintain your fitness levels, just the right way, when not working out? Let’s go checkout!

There’s this saying I heard recently, which says “The relationship between exercise and food is like marriage”. Though it sounds funny, if you think, this saying says it all. You require equal participation of both the partners for marriage to work! Similarly, you can’t cheat on one of exercise & food and expect it to work! But, tell me, what do you do when your partner goes wrong in a situation? You try and correct it and give your 100% to set the situation right. Isn’t it? Same with exercise too! When you are not well with your exercise routine, for some damn good reason, go take help form it’s partner, which is healthy food! Yes, the major helper in this case would be clean and nutritious food! If you see, you are far better off eating healthy and nutritious food than junk or less nutritious food, especially when not working out. Try to be loyal to one at least when the other ditches you. Believe me, this does wonders.

If you pause working out, there is this principle in exercise science called “Principle of Reversibility” that kicks in to make sure your adapted muscles lose their capacity and strength slowly. This, of course, happens when you keep not working out for a stretched period of time. So, in this meanwhile, if you take care your food does not add some fat percentage to your body, then you are the one helping your body to get back to your strength and fitness levels sooner once you resume your workout. Simple logic, isn’t it?
And, not to forget, good food instills good mood! The guilt you have in yourself for not working out and being physically active, you can overcome it with healthy food! Ta Da!

Now, if your well worth reason allows you to take a walk, though not a full workout at the gym or at home, then you are all more safe! Do a normal walk, or if permitted a brisk walk, for 30 or 45 mins based on your level of intensity and that should be good to go for the day. Do not underestimate walking! It’s definitely your friend when you cannot go for high intensity workouts. Do you know this? When you feel low or depressed at any point of time, you do feel good when you go out for a walk. Yes! There is proven research of improved brain activity when tested before and after walking. Brisk walk is a good enough workout to keep your brain and body active when you don’t get to go to gym or perform other workouts!

But, otherwise, it is always best to take maximum rest when in a medical condition. This will help your body recover fast and then you can bounce back into your daily workout routine. People ask me a lot of times: I have cold and I feel I have fever too, can I workout as usual? I say, if you really feel something’s wrong with your health, take rest for a day or two! Nothing’s wrong in it! You are just helping your body recover soon. But, if it is just the “feeling” (for some, which it often is, as they get sick just at the thought of exercising :-P), then get up, wash your face and go workout! 😀 So, the key is to listen to your body and keep going!


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