Working Out Daily? Watch Out! 3 Things!

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If you are the one who works out daily and does workout at the cost of anything, then hey, let’s sit and talk for sometime!

It’s great that you love working out and it’s even more awesome that you are able to take out time in your day to train your body. But, I also hope that you do keep an eye on these 3 things on a regular basis. If not, then your health is at risk for sure!

These 3 things are Sleep, Nutrition & Stress! All these 3 things, getting good quality sleep, eating clean and staying calm and peaceful, are the most difficult to achieve in this day and age. Hence, fitness lovers tend to finish up their most loving task and miss out on these 3 important factors that determine their health.

Don’t expect me to say, sleep for 7 or 8 hours daily, else it not good for health. You might have heard this more number of times than the number of hours you actually slept 😛 From what I believe and understand, quality of sleep is more important than the quantity! This means, you are better off having 5 hours of undisturbed and quality sleep than 8 hours of disturbed sleep! But buddy, if you can manage to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep, then of course, nothing can stop you! 😀 Sleep prepares your body and all the systems in your body ready for the day. Sleep makes your focus and attention sharper, keeping you active all through your day. The most important function of sleep in exercise science, is that your body recovers the most when you sleep! Now, how can you workout without your body being prepared for the day? And, how can you not recover your body from the previous day’s training?

Let’s say, you had only 3 hours of sleep last night and today morning you are in a dilemma whether to proceed to gym or go back to sleep. I would say, put your blanket on and just get a tight sleep. If it happens once in a while, then it’s all fine. But, if this is your regular pattern to ignore the importance of sleep and work out, then dear, you are at risk!

Though in general, by nutrition, I refer to eating clean, in this context, I would say eating food first. Eating nutritious food and the food that helps to rejuvenate your body after a workout are generally suggested to reach a particular goal in your fitness journey. But, what if you do not eat proper amounts of any kind of food and just do your workout? Your body starves. It is not right on your part to use your body machine without fueling it. Simple logic, isn’t it?

I see many people cut down on their food quantities rapidly and do intense workouts. This is the last thing any personal trainer would suggest. Eat “required” quantities of food and often your body tells you what is “required” here, if you really want to listen to it. Take some time to prepare nutritious food when you are taking time to workout, else, there is a perfect imbalance happening here! If you are one of those, who have people around to provide you the nutritious food that you want, then hurray! You are the luckiest!

There are different kinds here. Some people stress out just at the thought of working out, as they hate it! Fair enough 😀 Some people stress out if they have to live a single day without working out! That’s fair enough too 😀 Some are stressed out for a reason at that particular point in time and some stay in stress irrespective of anything happening in their lives :-X Whatever may be the case, staying in stress is not allowed. Period.

Working out when you are already stressed out is not a good thing to follow. However, many feel relieved after working out and they feel the stress goes down by many levels. If this is the thing which works for you, then please go ahead and enjoy your workout! Else, sit down and note down the things that are causing you stress and either solve them or accept/embrace them based on the respective scenarios. Remember that your final goal is to stay happy and calm. Keep an eye on your stress levels. Your workout routine should only downsize your stress levels. If you realize it is happening otherwise, then please, stop your workout routine and spend some time to resolve the reasons for your stress. Else, you are only ruining your mental health which is equally or even more important than your physical health!

Now, set your routine right! Give some time to these 3 important factors (Sleep, Nutrition & Peace) that determine your health along with physical fitness!

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