Food Is Your Fuel, Mind It!!

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Today’s food for thought: What’s your food for fuel?

The most amazing time of the day, for many of us, is when we eat our food. This happens 3 times a day for some, 6 times a day for some and some really don’t care the time! 😀 😀
I Love food! And, why not! It gives the energy to move ahead and it tastes yum! Eat your food the way it gives you energy for considerable number of hours when you work towards your goals in your life. Do not go for foods that give you that yummy taste and momentary happiness, but makes you feel lethargic after sometime. And, you wonder why are you feeling so, when you ate a solid quantity of food. Do remember, Quality is the King here!

What is the major fuel for your day to day activities? Carbohydrates. How do you make this a quality meal? Do not make it an only-carb meal. Add proteins and healthy fats to your meal along with carbs. The same way make vitamins & minerals the kings and queens in your other meal. This way, you get a good nutrient:calorie ratio and thus making your food nutritious! Eating a nutrient dense food is as important as just getting your calories.

We all know how fuel quality plays a major role in determining the performance of a car. The same way, your body is in need of a set of nutrients for it to work at the optimal level. The food you eat is the fuel for your body. Mind it, before you eat it! Else, you are just purely damaging your machinery. Please do not think for a second, that nutritious food has to be tasteless. Not, for sure! Do you see the gain here? You end up giving your body the nutrients it needs as per it’s nature and you don’t have to torture your taste buds too! There are flooding number of healthy recipes out there on the internet, so please don’t say you don’t know how to make your food this way! :’D

Now, does this mean to put aside those sweets, creamy cakes, fries, and all the junk food for life time? I would say, if you really crave for them, have them occasionally. Do not get stressed upon not eating the food you like. Instead, make peace with the fact that food is fuel for your body and you cannot take the risk to contaminate it. Instead, make tasty nutritious food your regular diet and you will start to like healthy food soon. Also, seriously, it’s not a sin to have a cheat meal occasionally, but keep the quantity limited and the frequency, for sure, occasional!


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