Give your body it’s due time!!

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I hear many people say these things so often that I found the need to write an article which clarifies these points.
1) Why am I not losing weight though I started a regular fitness regime?
2) Why am I not happy though I started eating healthy and also exercising at the same time?

Firstly, weight loss is a process and it takes time. Never ever expect change in your weighing scale immediately after you have started to regularize your workout regime. All of us know that both diet and exercise play parts in your weight loss journey and it’s not just the exercise. At the same time, you cannot force both diet and workout changes all of a sudden, especially if you are a beginner. This is explained in detail in the second part here. Also, I strongly suggest all my clients to measure not just the weight, but various other parameters that are frequently overlooked, like the fat percentage, strength, flexibility, etc.,

As you workout and eat good amount of protein, along with losing fat, you also must be gaining muscle, due to which you might observe the same numbers on the scale or even higher numbers! So, measuring the fat percentage might help. Also, if you really check how much your strength and flexibility has improved, you realize that there is an improvement in your fitness, and you should not be giving too much thought to only the poor weighing scale! Hurray! You have now got many other goals rather than just the scale. Go and do check them all!

Now, coming to the second most frequently raised question.
You woke up one day and decided to get fit! Enough of feeling lethargic all day and you get set and go out every morning to workout! You have started your diet. Now, this might either mean cutting out on the food quantities or just eating healthy. Great thing! Kudos to you that you have taken a wise decision to quit a fatigue life style and move towards a healthier one. But, are you really giving your body the time it needs to adjust to whatever you are putting your body through? If you have never worked out earlier, then it’s more worse!
The process of working out and sweating out is all new to your body, and when it is trying to co-operate with you and adjust to this process, you are transforming your food habits too at the same time! Ah! Dear body, I understand your pain! Please do tell your owner that this is the reason for all the stress and unhappiness!

So, how to take this forward? If you are new to exercising, then choose to do beginner level workouts and don’t even think of changing your diet on the same day! As if, everything is going to change the next day. Oh dear, give your body it’s due time!
Once you are comfortable with the beginner level workouts, then slowly try to change your food habits one after the other. Please do not try to cut down the quantities all of a sudden and even if you are trying to eat healthy, do not do the transformation all of a sudden. Take it slow!

Yes, Take It Slow! And, Please Give Your Body It’s Due Time!!


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