It’s the Muscle that Matters!

Hey Fitness Lovers! Welcome back to FitRim blog! Let me share a story with you.

One day, I was talking to a client and we were discussing her goals going forward. With all due respect to her goals, I was a little disappointed when I heard her say that she needs to lose the fat no mater how and she doesn’t care if she builds enough muscle or not and she does not aspire to be strong at all. What is the one that matters the most to you?

Whatever might be the purpose for you to lose fat, your goal should definitely not end there. You should build good muscle as well, along with losing fat. Why? We all know that, as you grow old, your muscle mass reduces. So, what is the most obvious thing for us to do to delay the natural muscle mass reduction? – To compensate for this reduction by building muscle as you age.
As you grow older, say at 80, how do you want to lead your life? Independent, isn’t it? How blissful will be your life when you are in your 80s and still healthy, independent, singing and dancing!! Of course, it is the muscle that helps you do all these in your 80s and not your figure that you attain just by losing fat.

Go for strength/resistance training. Whether you create the resistance with free weights or hydraulics or body weight or one of many other options, your goal should be to show some progress each week by creating more and more resistance going forward, so that your muscle has no other option than to get used and re-build, to become stronger each time!

Lose your fat, of course. Unhealthy fat calls for whole lot of diseases. But, make muscle your priority too. Say, fat loss is not a major concern for you and say, you are not that obese, then do not think you don’t have any fitness goals going forward. Build your muscle, become stronger and live longer!

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