4 rules for a perfect workout!!

Hi guys, welcome back to FitRim Blog! I am here today to explain you 4 important things for a perfect workout!
I get cramps when I workout, hence I choose not to! What?
I feel my body is injured somewhere or the other by the time I complete my workout! I don’t want to take the risk ya! Seriously, what?

If you seem to find a problem when you workout, you should try to correct it instead of stopping the whole workout regime! Isn’t it?
So, today I am going to explain those 4 important factors for any workout to be perfect!


Warm Up is the most important thing for any kind of workout (or) in fact any kind of a physical activity! Whether you do gym or Sports or Swimming or strengthening exercises or Intense Cardio, you need to Warm Up! Actually most of the people who are into fitness, are already aware of this!

But you know what, you are either lazy (or) want to move into the rush of intense and interesting workouts!
Guys, think before you start working out. Until before you entered the gym (or) a Fitness Studio (or) your workout place, Your body wasn’t doing any big activity that makes use of all your body muscles. And all of a sudden, you are doing this intense cardio and heavy weight exercises and intense body weight and strengthening exercises. Your muscles are not actually ready for this! And you then get cramps and injuries and so on.

The Skeletal Muscles are one of the 3 types of Muscles: Smooth, Cardiac and Skeletal. Skeletal Muscles are the muscles used during your workout. These should be used in a manner that they are ready to support your intense activity going forward. And, this is nothing but Warm Up! Warm up also kick starts your Neuromuscular activity required for your workout to be fruitful.
There are a lot of warm up exercises for each and every part of your body. Do not get confused and choose them in such a way that you don’t miss out on warming up some parts of your body. It is very important to choose your Warm up exercises in such a way that all the muscles from top to bottom are utilized in it. This is, so that you need not think twice before you do any intense workout with any part of your body!

So, don’t be too lazy (or) in too much of rush to avoid your warm up section! Else, you are working out just to get injured!


Cool Down is one more important element to include after your workout. People make the mistake to skip this step, just to leave the gym (or) their workout place in the same high which they had during the workout. Or, may be they are just lazy again.
Cool down promotes relaxation of your body after all the intense workouts you have put your body through. It is important to bring down your breathing and heart rate to normal else you are just leaving your body stressed out, which is not good.

Cool down plays a major role in muscle recovery after torturing those muscles for an hour or so. Make it a point to breathe deeply while cooling down and stretch all the worked out parts very nicely. This will also give you a sense of satisfaction and completion, besides all the perks that come along with cool down.


In any workout you do, keep your core tight enough to feel your core strength. This should be an unsaid thing from the time you start your warm up, during all the workouts you do and during cool down too. “Keep your core tight” is what you here most of the trainers say for every workout. Because, this gives you that strength, stability and confidence to pull off that workout. What I say is, this should be part of your system even when not working out, all during your day too. Yes! This sounds kind of funny to consciously keep your tummy tucked in. But, tucking your tummy in not only helps in your photo clicks (:-P), but also helps to continuously involve your core muscles in whatever you do. It slowly becomes a part of your system which is very healthy for a stable and balanced core.

Tight core definitely does NOT mean to hold your breath for sure! Just make sure to engage the muscles that contribute to your core strength (not only the abdominis muscles, the external/internal obliques, but many other major/minor muscles in your torso and also some of the back muscles like erector spinae, etc., That said, it is more than obvious that tight core plays a huge role in any workout you do. Not only in core strengthening workouts, keeping your tummy tucked in any workout you do will also do your core workout. This is a very simple, but very effective tool that should be included in your workout methodology!


This is yet another powerful element that makes each and every workout a perfect one. You will no more have to suffer from back pains or spine issues after your workout sessions. Spine has its own specific curve to it. By keeping it straight, I mean to keep the spine in its natural shape while you do your workouts. Wrong spine posture leads to injuries which make you think that your body is not made for intense workouts. Due to which, you end up not working out instead of correcting the posture!
Spine Straight and Tummy Tight are the two magical things that I make sure my clients maintain during their workouts, else the workout is just not done the right way!

So, you now know the 4 most important elements that make your workout perfect and will also add confidence and strength to your workouts. So, workout in the right way, else you better not workout!

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