All that Matters is Body Confidence!!

“I need to lose weight! I am fed up of carrying this wholesome of weight!”
“I feel tired and weak, even before the evening everyday! I want to gain more Stamina!”
“I think I look very skinny! Everything about me is just skinny. I need to Bulk Up!”
“I want to regain my Pre-Pregnancy Strength!”

As Trainers, we hear these and a lot more cases each day from each client approaching us. If you really see what they are asking for, you will realize in no time, that they want to work towards gaining what we call as “Body Confidence”! Yes! This is one term which is the Nucleus of FitRim! Whatever may be the clients’ goals, they ultimately crave for Body Confidence. This is that one thing which keeps you confident in life to go on and on.

You need to be confident about who you are and how you are! For that, you first need to be strong and positive enough to carry that confidence in you. Feeling confident is an everyday thing which we tend to ignore as it happens sub-consciously!
When you get an Appreciation Mail from your Manager, you feel confident.
When you can Manage to play with your kids after coming home, even after a hectic day at work, you feel happy and confident.
When you complete 50 Push Ups at one go in your Workout session, you feel confident.
When your friends are in Awe seeing your Built Up Muscles, you feel confident.
When you can Walk Out of a negative conversation targeted on you, with a Smile on your face, you feel confident.
These are just a few of many instances where you feel your confidence sub-consciously! If you take any one of the above cases and try to find the reason behind your achievement, it boils down to Healthy and Fit Mind and Body! So, your Body Confidence which gives you the Ultimate Happiness in Life, comes from a Fit Soul. This is the simple logic which FitRim believes in very strongly! We make sure we instill Body Confidence in our clients, along with fulfilling their Goals in their Fitness Journey.

One of the immediate queries that pops up in your mind now is, How to get that Confidence when you are just about to start your fitness journey with an Aim to have a Fit Lifestyle? There’s only one way! You need to Push Yourself into the Ocean of Confidence and Determination and keep reminding your self that you are Not Working Out to Impress someone else, but you are Sweating It Out just to make yourself Stronger and Confident! Use your Inner Strength while moving every single Muscle in your body and your Strong Mind to achieve your goals! So, the point is, Body Confidence is always within you. You are just making use of it to Achieve what you want in life!

Realize Your Body Confidence and It Will Amaze You! 😀


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