Why fitness should be your daily cup of tea?

Hello you fitness lovers! Let me ask you few questions. Do you want to travel and explore the world when you retire after working hard for so many years? Do you want to play with your grand children all day without getting tired? How many years do you want to live happily with your loved ones around you? The answers are pretty obvious, right?

There you go! You now know why fitness should be your daily cup of tea! Because, Fitness is the only Mantra which keeps you alive, with all that energy you need to travel and explore the world in your 60’s, with all the enthusiasm to play with your little grand children, with all the spirit and health to stay fit and continue to live happily regardless of your age! Do not think you can workout and start being fit when you think you are losing energy, say in your 40’s or 50’s. Because, by that time your body must have already been degraded to a 60 or 70 year old body which is not what you want.

There is no start to Fitness. Being Fit should be a natural process from the time you were born. This is when your body gets trained to be Fit and healthy even as you age every year! Its that simple! Today, people are realizing they are not even fit to carry out their daily tasks, forget playing a sport professionally. Hence, they are going out to pay someone to be able to gain strength to do their works without being fatigue. It’s a good news that people are trying to be fit instead of leaving their fatigue as-is. But, it’s also sad to see how fitness has become a forceful entity in people’s lives! I am fortunate to have an athletic life style from my childhood. Hence, I also want to see fit people around and my heart goes out to help whoever wants to change their life style just to be fit.

How did people from older generations not have big tummies and not feel fatigue to do their daily works? Earlier, people used to first strain their bodies physically to get their money and then they get some food. Now, people eat first and then do their work. That is the difference! Slowly, as the type of jobs people do demanded more and more of their mental energy than physical energy, the bodies have also changed to work only when needed, which is once in a while! Hence, make it a point to train your body every single day and keep reminding your body that it is there to work for you whenever you need it. Else, your body just hibernates and when you use it once in a while, it just doesn’t support you!

I am sure all this is pretty simple to understand, but I am not sure why people do not take out those 30-45 mins of their morning time to workout. Working out every single day is a must! Keep your body active, keep it healthy enough for you to be happy enough for you to live longer with your loved ones! This is what you want ultimately in life, right? Else, what is the use of earning huge amounts of money by brain storming your minds, when you don’t have a body that supports you when you need it?

So, folks, kick start your mornings with your favorite physical activity, whatever it may be. Just Move! By mornings, I mean, every single morning! Yes!

Don’t mark workout days in your calendar! Fitness should be your daily cup of tea! 😎😎

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