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FitRim is dedicated to provide the wholesome of Fitness for a healthy life. Being fit is the basic necessity to lead a happy life, and we provide the Mantra for this.

FitRim Challenges You Everyday!


FitRim is a product built out of pure passion and love for Fitness! It trains number of clients everyday to reach their fitness goals in the most appropriate way! The following are the words from the Founder herself!

Yes, I have always been the most passionate about fitness, being fit, doing different kinds of exercises, exploring different gyms and what not. Fitness has always been a part of my life unknowingly though it was not my forefront profession until one day. I graduated from BITS Pilani as an Electronics Engineer and worked for an Embedded Mobile Chip making company as a Senior System Software Engineer for 6 years. After I had my little one, I realized I gained 20kgs during my pregnancy and I was very determined to loose it . Though the weight gained was healthy during pregnancy, it became unhealthy as I moved on. I took it as a challenge and lost 20kgs in 4 months by putting my knowledge into practice, following a healthy diet and doing workouts every single day.

It is then that I realized how much I love being fit and the only way to share the knowledge I have is my taking up a career in this. Thus I pursued studies in Fitness and Nutrition and started training people who are in need for help to change their life style to a Fitter one and a healthy one! After training for a while, I thought to give a name to my passion and thus FitRim took its shape and I am glad I am writing this today 🙂

Qualification and Authenticity

Being Fit and maintaining a healthy life style is not easy. You need a well qualified trainer to guide you, so that you have no second doubts about the authenticity of the information you get. We are true believers of being educated well before you preach it.


Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist from IFPA
Trained under International Athletes
Certified Personal Trainer from Fitlink, New Zealand
Certified Gym Instructor/Fitness Trainer from Fitlink, New Zealand

Currently FitRim trains number of clients everyday, both individually and in group sessions. The major motive of FitRim is to provide only Authentic information in order to only get fitter with every passing day!

Why a blog?

You approach FitRim and it provides you with the best of the workouts and nutrition required to stay Fit. Workout sessions/classes are organized as per the schedule that is committed to an individual or to a group. Then, why a blog?
Blog is an extremely powerful medium to share the knowledge, not just to the clients of FitRim, but also to many people out there who are wanting to seek prompt information to stay healthy and fit. FitRim wants to reach out to all of you who are willing to change your lifestyle for good. This is achieved via this blog. Hope you all utilize the blog for a change that makes you live longer and healthier! 🙂

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